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3 days of fun and excitement

My first blog here would be about Christmas! The fast phasing of days and nights gives the warm and cold season of December perhaps December is some what nice, I hope that te next coming days would be the same as these days.

Party at Tomweb! last December 17 at the main bldg. aha! this event is very memorable to me! I am so happy! the people, games, foods are so nice even the night itself speaks with the happiness that I am feeling.

The night at my sister (Marian/my classmate) it is so awesome! her family is so nice and amazing they made me feel at home and take a rest comfortably. :)

Friday – December 18 class Christmas party and the “Paskuhan” day, this is my first time attending the “Paskuhan”, the night is amazingly beautiful, I spend the night with my friends and it is so fun, we went home nearly 2am we had our late dinner and early breakfast at KFC. We watch movies and sleep at 3am, oh! and we woke up at 9am and went home.

Saturday – December 19, at the afternoon, I spend it with my high school best friend, we went at the mall and walk around and surprisingly she bought me a gift and I am so touched that I she gave me a present (teary eye). This night I am so satisfied with my day :) spending the life with my friends and family, relationship? I am now contented with my life without a man who only know is to hurt me and make me sad.

So! This is my first happy blog, I am looking forward to many happy blogs and not the sad ones. :)

-Krisha <3

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