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Confusing thoughts!

Confusing statements of a guy.
This is a bullet that a girl might put on her gun and if it is wrong it will end up pulling the trigger and die in pain and sufferings. The happy endings is merely an illusion right now but girls always wish for her prince that would probably put her into a bed of roses with peace of mind and a whole heart.

I am single right now, I have these friends who called on my phone this night and my friend say something that my another friend think of that she is the girl he was describing..the whole issue is so long and so we end up clearing up the misunderstandings and close that issue.

‘Love’ is something that we feel to a person that is really valuable to us and make us so special, but when Love mixed up with hate what will happen? maybe, it would end up feeling nothing but a heartache and sort of confusion, so what is the verb for that one? Ambivalence? maybe it is, the feeling of love and hate to a person who made us fall in a deep well and never pull us back on top.

I remember the movie ‘He’s just not that into you’, this is a girl thing about the guy they hooked on and ends up realizing that the love that they feel is real, unreal, or just an infatuation. Women can’t avoid finding stupid men but women should know how to detect if a guy is not into you and avoid to fall so deep.

Relationship? Love? Guys?
I won’t worry about these things, but my heart seeks for it because there is an emptiness, the feeling of losing the person you love most is what every people on this world would be afraid of.

Being alone is just a part of myself knowing that some people are afraid of being alone and left out, but then I am used to it, for I consider being alone as the place where I can find peace and think of deeper things that going on to my life. I maybe in love with someone whom I never get, but then I still have to fight back, stand still and be strong, in the first place I am alive even without him so why I will make my life miserable just for him?
I know what I feel.
Love and Hate
but dominantly nothing but a numbness of the heart.

I just don’t get it! why men would always want things that made there lives so miserable, they are so blind!!

I just want to live the life that I have now.


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