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do the write thing

I can write anything under the sun, even the stupidity of mine or maybe the nicest thing about me. The homonyms like write and right, is what makes me think about the thoughts that suddenly pops-out in my mind.

Do the write thing, self-explanatory. Because I have this blog.

Do the right thing, uh! oh! what is right? Falling in love with someone who already owns by someone else, and fight on whatever you feel for that someone or just make sacrifices and let him go and let fate dictates.

Anyone can define Love by their own means, sedated by man who may brought happiness or sadness. The trajectory of the body towards the one you love may slow downs and the abrupt change of heart may be unconsciously or consciously affect the feelings of the another party.

The transparency of heart  may cause the unspoken glance of human and understand it without any words at all. Eye to eye, trajectory of the body, idiomatic thoughts or even the simplest smile. Love can kill people but Love can also sustain life, any how we are born without someone else but only our parents who have the unconditional love.

There are pavements that cannot be break but there are thin lines of emotions that can break these walls. Hopes. Dreams. Love. are the composition of these thin lines without any of these we cannot break these walls.

I Love you not because I don’t have any choice, but seriously talking? I just realize that I’m falling for you, I just appreciate the Life with you :) those years having a friend like you not just a friend but a super special friend of mine. :)

I want to do the right thing that’s why I’m writing :)

I just want to show what I’m feeling for you and I just want to do what is right and let fate dictates ours.



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