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I just want to go home and take a rest.
Tired of drama.
Clinging on the memories of everything, it makes me so tired of thinking and it gradually sucking up all the energy of my body. Cornering the feeling that I have and controlling all my emotions on my dim side. I once hide it and I doing it again and maybe again and again.

Cold December traps my very own soul on a little tin can, I’m like a ghost. I only see the end of all things and all that are just miseries of the past. Turning down the feelings and look up for torches to light up the dark roads.

Free falling flowers it’s like a snow in a winter sky, engulfing all emotions and turn it into bliss. Contemporary thoughts complicates everything, coming to a point of concluding anything that makes you look like insane.

I don’t know what are my thoughts that I’m having on my mind, I just want to SCREAM so loud to pull out all the damn feelings that I’m having right now.


What about crying?

It takes all the wearies that I’m having. traversing the paths on my own is some what difficult but it makes me stronger, for I know there people behind me and always there to pick me up and guide, for I am a misguided ghost.

He said, “you’re eyes tells the truth!”
I know he was right then.

I live because there are people sustains my life. I am who I am. I act the way I am. I don’t want to be foolish to anybody. Damn actions are easily done because I am not perfect, I know that I am vulnerable to change and I am changing, but they say I am not changing!
Writing whatever I have on my mind reveals things that I can’t say to anyone, there are things that I want to do, there are things that I want to say but I am afraid, so I just write it down.

“I know this is all wrong but I will wait to make it right.”

-krisha <3

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