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The Yuletide season is already in!!!

Christmas isn’t about money, gifts or any material things in this world, but it is about Love and Sharing. Love is all we need, even if you count the things you have in hand you still need something that only your heart can hold on to.

At night, you can see bright lights along the streets as you walk down at the narrow threshold and it’s like a never ending journey, the only end is when we get to the point of view get cleared of and see even little things are important to us.

Seasons are like moods and emotions sometimes it is Spring where we can say that something in us change and it is better, Autumn or fall that makes us feel so cool and calm like leaves that fall down gently, summer where we can feel so dry and uncomfortable to see the world and winter that sometimes freeze our hearts and feel nothing.

I drag myself on the dim spotlight and see nothing but fears, these fears makes me feel so weak and it can even break me but then when I close my eyes and flashbacks starts to runs through my mind it gives me strength and jump from all that fears and surpass it anyway. This Christmas I fear of being alone and spending it like an ordinary one but then I jump it anyway and spend it in a different, I thought I will have a worse Christmas but then God never allow it to happen and He makes me happy yesterday.

I know there are things in life that I cannot change but if I only think of something in a billion times before I make decisions, because each decisions that I make/made can change my life in good or bad way.

Strange things happen..
Things change..
People change..
the only thing is, whenever people change we are affected, it may direct or indirect.
So this Christmas lets spread Love and Share anything that we have.
Happiness is so contagious, be happy and be merry! :) Spread LOVE! <3

I may be so sad or happy, but still it makes me feel who I am.


-krisha <3

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