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New book

I bought a new book!
So happy!
The book is, Do you come here often by Alexandra Potter, I do not have any regrets when I bought this book, why? because I really want to buy another book of A. Potter (ahahaha!) buying books and roaming around at the bookstore is not waisting of time for me, because I love books and it is worth it, books maybe so expensive but then it is worth buying.

I want to buy more books and build my own mini library soon :) I want to fill it with amazing books. I love reading though I am a slow reader (ahahaha!) but I still finish all the books that I bought.

I am a fan of A. Potter, why? because her works speaks like what a natural girl is, the lessons on every novel speaks for itself and it is real! I want to read all her books and I will buy it one by one until I complete it.

I maybe a slow reader, I may not finish all the books that I’m reading but then I’m trying to finish it and I did it! No matter how long the reading is,
I handle it very well and loving it! :)


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