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Last day

The last day of the year 2009 it’s Thursday today and it seems so quite, I don’t hear any noisy firecrackers along the streets or maybe it is just too early and people save all their firecrackers by midnight.

Sitting here blogging and watching “Fly boy” movie., my brother want it. The movie is all about an aircraft military who fought at World War II, it seems so nice.

So! what else I can share?
2009 seems so tragic, for someone people and to me, but it is just a challenge that I surpass. Crazy summer vacation, nice 2nd year college life, pretty well semester break and insanely funny Christmas break, twist and turns in life are always there but then I am standing still and fighting.

2009 the year that I turned 19 and on 2010 I will turn 20 I’m no longer a teenager, how sad it is right? however it’s just numbers as the year pass by I’m getting older and older, Maturity is expected, bigger responsibilities and expectations but I am always the one who make choices in my life and whatever happens I am responsible for my life and to all the people who surrounds me.

My favorite flower, people who knows me well knows this fact. I hate pink but then Cherryblossoms are pink. Cherryblossoms are the national flower of Japan but I hate the Japanese at some reasons. Isn’t it so weird? but it is all true.

Journalism..and not Aeronautical…
I am still taking Journalism and doing good on my course. The fact that I really don’t know why I am taking, it is the reason that makes me  stay on my course because I want to know, WHY?

I have pen and paper where I write what’s on my mind. I have my mind that continue to imagine everything and create stories from it and show it to the world.

Emotions. Environment. People. World.
components of every piece.
Silence, where I can think of all the things that entertains me, the peaceful environment that helps me to think before I do, say or write something.

I learn to see things in a clear view by clearing up all the thoughts I have in mind and hear all statements before I comment. I am not good in writing. I have less vocabularies. I am still a student and I am learning how to write a good piece and soon people will appreciate it, maybe? I hope 2010 will be a good one for me and to all.

Always remember to Laugh. Love. Care. and BE WHO YOU ARE. :)

Happy New Year To All!

bye bye 2009.
Hello 2010!

Thanks for all the memories that I’ve had In 2009. I will never forget those :)

-krisha <3

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