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First day

Happy New Year! :)
this blog would be so short, because I am tired, I want to go to bed early. This day is an amazing one, it wouldn’t be so nice without my family and the person who made me smile these days.

Memories of 2009 are kept in a treasure box and another page of my book is perfectly clean and ready.

First day..
all the first is a memorable one, the first word that I know, my first school day, my first friend and best friend, the first day of being independent because my parents are not around, the first guy that I loved, the first guy that I dated, my first crush, my first kiss? (haha!), and soon…

so many firsts right? maybe these would be so memorable but it always be kept here in my heart. I may be so sentimental, but it makes me so happy reminiscing those memories that I’ve had.

so much for these..
I am tired :) I will sleep so tight and wake up late (maybe?), on Monday I already have classes. busy mode.

so! I may rarely update my blogs these coming months but then I will try to update on what’s happening to me and on what I feel for the day.

always remember to smile. keep laughing and keep your hopes and dreams soaring high! :)

-krisha <3

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