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Full speed ahead.

It’s been years since I’ve had opened my blog and I miss writing here!
so! here we go,
I am thinking of what I can write here but my mind is like a blank slate that I only want is “rest” because these past two weeks my life is like a roller coaster ride especially in school, doing my papers and finish it around midnight, fully loaded assignments and readings, long quizzes and impromptus.

First things first, alright what I can’t forget about these past weeks is reciting at my Rizal course, when we are having our recitation in RC we are like in a death row, we’re praying for our name not to be called but fate dictates! I am the second from those who recited in the first day, I did my recitation in impromptu style, because I am not yet finish reading all the readings.

English impromptu speech, this one is also crazy! each of us in the class merely have an heart attack because our name is randomly selected. I am not yet doing my speech here perhaps on Thursday I will have it and I am praying for an easy topic (crossfingers).

On my mind:
I want to write a poem but I need some rest because my mind is not working when I am tired.
I need to read, I want to read the novel of A. Potter but I don’t have time.
I want to rest, sleep all day long.
I want to see him.
I want to stay at home and be in peace.

These things are on my mind right now and all I want is to have all these things but I can’t but then my hopes are still soaring high, thinking that I can achieve these things if I’ve done all the things that are need to be done, but one thing is for sure, I can make all these happen for I am a believer. :)

“I want to be with you –one”

have a nice week everyone :)


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