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Tired. Momentarily lost in the mood.

Two days of suffering yet fun.
half of the class are my group mates in filming “El Filibusterismo”. The first day held at La Mesa Eco park it’s a forest in the middle of a city and it is nice going there, we shoot different scenes though the weather is not good and we went home around 6 in the evening, aha! honestly speaking, I don’t know how to go home because I don’t know where to go but then I made it! I’m home around 9 or 10 in the evening and it is late! I am tired traveling and need to charge my energy.

On the second day (which is today) of filming, we went at Faye’s(my classmate) aunt and held our shoot and we merely finish it, we’re lacking of time because tomorrow we have our classes and we have our quiz on philosophy about Plato, that’s why we wrapped up early.

And NOW! I am momentarily tired and obnoxious about the message on my Facebook account.
I need to cool down my emotions and let it pass.
so! I need to take my rest because I am going to school tomorrow morning and review my notes. I am not in the mood in reviewing because of that damn message!

goodnight everyone.


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