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Information Overload.

I will not quit, whatever happens! quiz on Natural Science? I think I failed it! so, I’m frustrated about getting a high score on my prelim exam this coming Monday, not only in NatSci but also with the rest of my subject courses.

Getting to know my simplest and lowliest self. I look myself later this day as a person who is open even to the people whom I just knew. We had our National Service Training Program or also known as NSTP today, we teach children and played with them. When I see there innocent smiles from there faces, I see the simplest form of beauty that I’ve never seen before, the smile that takes my heart and mind in deep thoughts. Our presence and candies that we gave leads to everyone’s willful heart that aims for ‘Friendship/Camaraderie’.

Information Overload.
It takes time to review all my notes and answer all the questions from a piece of paper. I get to lose myself, sick and tired and drop dead, maybe the tears and blood that I had/will lose in doing all my works. There’s a thin line between giving up or pursuing my dreams, no one knows what will happen next in my life but one thing is for sure, all that I love I will never let them go, I will do things that are permissible to me.

I am thankful that there is someone who always there for me, to cheer me up in the middle of a cloudy day of mine. I am glad that I’ve met and love him more than he do though he always say that he loves me more than I do. I Love Him and I want him to stay with me forever.

at this very moment:

I am tired.
I am exhausted.
I am InLove.
I am fully loaded with thoughts.
I am hanging in the air.

I will be having a week of information overload.

Goodnight and Godbless everyone.


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