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Hi! Hello! I Miss You!

I used to write in short sentences unless I have to make an academic paper, writing makes me alive though sometimes I curse it especially when I’m doing it not for my own interest but for the sake of my grades. I love to write what I feel about my day, about the sunny afternoon with some friends, about unforgettable scenarios with someone and sometimes about some tragic things happened throughout the day.

I just want to feel at ease and and feel happy everyday in my life for I only have one life, I want to spend it in a way I can remember it when I’m old.

I dream about my future.
I dream about myself five to ten years from now.
I dream about the life with someone that I love.
I dream about my work.
and lastly I dream about spending my whole life happy and satisfied on what I am having now.

Dim spotlight shine upon me equally perceive as the peak of my life. I am doing my best at everything. I want people to be happy. I want to see there smiles and laughters, that no matter what happens they still keep on walking to traverse their very own journey.



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