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tossing up in the cloudy sky.

The rest of the day takes place on the dimming paths of philosophical attachment of mind unto the larger idea of man. The truth about feelings may relate the emotional imbalance of mind and heart. The figurative state of passion that governs the literary schema that tells people what to feel, it may lead to sudden shift of people’s conviction.
And that’s CHANGE.
Something pops out on my mind.
People change
Society change
The world change
Something needs to change radically or unperturbedly for the reason that the powerful mind of man can make changes in everything. In seeking thoughts of what can lead to change, people repudiate to know what is the truth but knowing what the truth is when people who are responsible enough can face changes and accountable on what he did that reflects to its own way of thinking.
The abrupt collision of things in mind takes the abhorrent thoughts from the past
dealing through the legality of the commotion in line with the emotional source from the heart
Saving graces that takes side to side and turns all the sentiments into something efficient and natural. The occurrence of emotional imbalance is incapable to direct any decisions, taking away all the thoughts that people have on their minds and be capable to judge with conviction.

—what make sense of this?!
this is so absurd!
details on the sky suddenly faded.
creating a dreamy spotlight that entangles the beam of sunlight at night.

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