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The Dawn

“When I was a kid I always wait to see kites in the sky in the cloudy summer days.”

I am sitting under the shade of a tree in the campus then suddenly there’s something pops out in my mind, “what if all the place in this world looks like a paradise”. I am waiting for a cool summer air in mid February but the glaring summer breeze from the flares of the sun meets my skin and tone it into dark brown. I am looking up in the cloudy sky that day and see nothing but a blue sky no clouds just blue. I am starting to day dream again as I look up a weird thing was formed on my mind, the earth turns out to be a giant microwave and all matter and form in it continually popping out one by one until the last one pops. There’s another weird thing I thought of a giant Washing machine that creates a whirl pool that everyone were drenched in and drained into nothing. so much for this dreaming! now I am back to reality, a reality full of sufferings and pressures, the oppressive era of man kind and the over flowing and undying hope.

just a little thoughts in the middle of the night.

-Good Night

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