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Last days.

Stressed out..
yes I am!
three weeks before the classes ends and I am running out of time, making the most of my time in use and not wasted, scheduling my activities turn my whole world into disastrous one.

I am sick for three days and it turn all my schedule into nothing but a waste because I hear voices from within that says to me “Hey! you need a break!”, so I take a break.

I am stressed, yes I am! I am not complaining on what I’ve chosen. Behind these stressful thoughts that I have in my mind I need to think of all the experiences that I am having right now.

I just wanna think that after these stressful days that I am having, I still keep on walking and taking this tremendous life that I am taking in, because I wanted to be not just a responsible but an accountable person to all my decisions.

..I am stress, yes I am! but this is not the end of my career.


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