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From the heart.

My first impression unto her is like having the end of my career because of her rules in teaching, honestly speaking I don’t like her when we first met in class on my freshmen year in college, however things change as I know her better and I’ve begun to like her.

I once scolded by her and I am frightened about that thing until now but after that incident changed me. At first I was like in a dark room and alone when that happened, but anyway I’ve had coped up from that, honestly I am still bitter about it, it’s not because I was scolded and I am mad at her (I am not mad at her, swear), but it’s about what I did. I am moving on and coping up with the challenges from her.

As an academician and scholar, she has the passion and love for what she is doing. This morning we are all nervous about her mood but it is all gone when she started talking. She explained why she is like that and I understand what she said to us, I feel her heart from what she is saying to us, I understand all those things and learn from what she said to us, I am touched by her loving and committed heart. I was inspired to do better, I saw her other side and that is the loving teacher who wanted her students to learn what she had learned, I know she wanted to bring change in the field of communications and she wanted to use her students as the key to that change, she wanted our society to bridge the gap among other nations in the field of communications.

I admire her. I am no long afraid of her. I want to learn more from her. I saw something from her that I never saw from my other teachers.

“When I see the gaps between us (Philippines) and other countries in the field of communications, I wanted to fill in those gaps and when I am failing to fill those gaps, I am getting frustrated, about it.” -Prof. G. Pusta (My Proffesor)


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