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bliss of gratitude.

I always hope for the best of anyone and cheer them up, but when it comes to all my efforts I always put down myself.

I remember the time that I am going to school so early rushing all my paper works to be print out and passed, I remember the hot sunny and stormy days, I remember not sleeping to finish my papers but despite of these memories there is one thing is for sure I never get tired of believing.

I am a believer but I never trust myself.

I thought I’m gonna fail any of my subjects but then I PASSED. There are so many people who trust me and believes in me, I am inspired! yes I am! because of him, he is always there to cheer me up whenever I am put myself down. I am thankful that I have him now, I am happy that he loves me, I trust him and love him faithfully.

I am thankful also to have my ever loving mom who always there to make me feel at ease. to my bestfriends and friends who always cheer me up and to all the people who believes in me.

I am thankful most especially to GOD who guides me and loves.

I gain strength from these people, I can do anything because of them.

Thank you to my God, Mom and Ejay to all the support. I am happy.

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