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Thinking politically.

I am thinking for a topic to write on my blog, it’s already May! and I am counting the days before the resume of classes, I am not happy to know that I have less than a month and I’m gonna start to go to school again and again.

it is so hard though I need to do this, this is for my future.

On May 10, there will be a National Elections and I am not yet decided whom I am going to vote for, I want Nicanor Perlas there is something on him that I want, though he has no political background that much still he is aware of things, he is exposed to some marginalized things and not that much influences and backed up by some lousy political leaders, next to him is Dick Gordon because he has done so many things and he has political background and actively participating to things that matter most and last is Gilbert Teodoro the man of few words but he thinks a lot, though he is from the administration still I am on his side, some of his political party members are so pathetic there true colors revealed by their actions, they wanted a sure win political side that’s why the jumped to another political party. I know that everyone wanted to change this country but at the back of my mind I am thinking of how these political leaders turn Philippines into a better one if some people of this country do not want to change themselves for the better too.

..but sometimes even on their ownselves there is a big problem, they must learn how to help themselves. I am not yet decide who to vote for, 8 more days and I hope this electoral process is a good one, though I know that there are so many people in this country who are so called “Opportunists!”

People change together with the society but I hope people change for the better not for worst. Have mercy for the next generation.

2 thoughts on “Thinking politically.

  1. Vote for Gordon.

    He has proved himself through his projects. He answers well in debates. He is true to his words. Pagbabago Sigurado.

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