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I can’t imagine how dirty politics is here in the Philippines. I know that there are rules to follow to maintain fair election process but then I obviously see how election candidates do their own campaign tactics just to win a position.

I am not yet decided who will I vote because I cannot look for a good candidate, with those platforms what I see is the future of the Philippines drowned in poverty at some point, I know that every candidate has its own weaknesses and we can’t avoid it.

Black Propagandas, these are really obvious with the campaign tactics of the candidates. I can see selfish candidates and still supported by the people because they are popular. Surveys, can manipulate voters mind, it can set the mind of the people that leads to misinterpretations of the other candidates placed in lower ranks.

Politics is not an Entertainment Industry this is a matter of governance and progress of the country. In the last centuries we experience the rule of the church and state as one and we resolved it and now come to think of this thing, other entertainment personalities who get into politics, I think this is all about this: “If you want to be rich and famous instantly enter the entertainment industry and if you into it, you can know use your popularity to enter politics and win a position.”

I don’t know what’s happening with my country I am hoping for it’s goodness. I hope everyone make right decisions before they cast their vote on May 10. I hope that the chosen leaders do their job with passion and commitment with the law, people and to God.

I hope that the future President somehow change the Philippines for a better terms.

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