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I am upset.

I am not mad, I am just upset on what’s going on with my life. I know that my parents are the one who needs to direct my life mostly but what if I find something wrong about their decisions? can I complain? what if they don’t want to listen to me? can I quit? what if they are right and I was wrong? it will surely change my life. what I know at this moment is something I cannot figure out still.

I am not against with my parents, but I just want to let them know that I can also make decisions and sometimes their decisions hurts my feelings. I know that I am not still capable of doing things on my own but then I have a capacity to know things on a better way.

I am confused.
My mom wanted something because of practical aspects in our family life but then I find it so hard to accept. I need to cut down my subjects and remove my night classes so that I can go home early so that I will not going to look for a place to stay near in the university. I wanted to be a good daughter to my parents I obey whatever they told me and think that it was right then, I take patience going back and forth from my home to school vice versa, but then I am happy doing that because I know this is for my future, but sometimes I thought of something that I don’t wanna go to school anymore because I am so sick and tired of going to school back and forth. I know this for my future and I wanted this career though I know that there will be a heavy burden on my part and I know that my mom is against with what I chose but still she supported me this long, I am upset because of one thing, I am now a 3rd year college student and I have no way out I need to finish my course and I am planning after this to have a second course while having my job.

I want to make my future something bright, though I know it is not easy but I am positively looking on my future and take responsibilities, however my parents are the ones who controls me (together with my siblings). Sometimes parents take right and wrong decisions but the we can only see if it is right or wrong when it’s already done.

I am afraid with what my future going to be. I know that everything happens for a reason because only God knows what is right for me. I know that God will help me to do things in a rightful way. I just need to hold on tight.


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