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Last Song Syndrome.

I am having this kind of music sickness, it is called as the “Last Song Syndrome” or also known as LSS.

Owl City


The song of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, B.O.B’s “Nothing on you” and many more. The Last Song Syndrome is not really a sickness but it occurs to someone’s mind, one line of the song that they always hear or the last song that they heard. It’s seems that I am having a fever the “Bieber Fever” the song keeps running on my mind and I can’t stop.

I am LSS with B.O.B’s song with this line:

“Beautiful girls all over the world
I could be chasing but my time would be wasted
They got nothing on you baby.”

I am really crazy with this song, I am gonna show you its music video:

I find it so nice and it gives a good aura though I rarely listen with this kind of genre. I am having LSS because of my youngest  brother who plays it over and over again every time he turns on the computer and turn the volume into max. Oh My Brother.. :)


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