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Laughing out Loud!
Spanish time I was so sleepy and my professor told us what is the translation for “kiss me” it is “besa me” and out of the blue I said it to my seatmate and friend Bea then suddenly all my friends look at me and laugh so I was. :)

Late this after noon,
I was about to atteend my class but I dropped by at the org. room to see my classmate and I saw Jose my friends – friends :) he is a pro in playing guitar and he plays Taylor Swift songs so my friends and I sing a long with him. It was really really fun and somehow it made my day.

Early this morning I was informed by the fansite of Taylor Swift that she will have a live chat on July 20 at 5pm EDT, I am so excited about that news. apparently it will be on July 21 at 6am because I am residing here in the Philippines, she will talk about her third album and I am so excited to know what it is all about.

Generating the my ideas I come up to a point that what is the last thing happened to me today. I am sleepy right now or I just miss someone to talk to, maybe later when I am off to bed. :)

silly and bubbly friends create my wonderful life in college they somehow give colors on my sucking day in school.

my love (summer) he give strength and corrects me if I am going into a wrong path, he is my companion in the road I am currently taking in and I am so happy to have him.

There are people along the road that we take inspires us to do good things and we never know how long they will stay, treasure them like precious gems and take care of them so that they will never leave you behind and forget all about you.


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