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Midnight blog.


They say blogging helps my writing skills stuff, that’s what I do every now and then whenever I am in the mood of writing.

Now it’s already 2am and I have a deadline at 10am later. Oh well I am still thinking why I am blogging instead of doing my writing stuff? I wanted to write on my blog since Wednesday because I am having a bad aura that night.

Journalism maybe a sucking profession it is not about money stuffs but it all about the joy of writing what you want to write about. I am currently in the vast of nothingness I couldn’t think of right words to write.

I am not good at writing, they say that it is a skill that a person will able to developed by practice and I am believing to that. I wanted to grab a camera and take pictures of the wilderness of this world. I want to be a Photo Journalist someday, take pictures of children playing, smile of an old woman, natural beauty of nature and the caress of human to his world.

so that what I feel right now. I am sleepy but I need to finish this and edit by tomorrow morning before the deadline.

remember always to Love, Care and Smile.


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