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Wearies takes my soul.

Wearies takes my soul far from you, I am holding on struggling to be with you, take me back, take me back, save me.

I don’t wanna cry. I don’t wanna get so frustrated about things. I wanna bring back my good feeling. I wanna take everything slowly. I don’t wanna cry.

This annoying feeling that I have slowly digs my grave. (sorry for the impression) I am not like this before, I just want to sober and breakdown my knees and let the heavens decide. Words may describe what I feel but people cannot understand me unless they know me. No one knows what I what even I myself doesn’t know it. I am having a problem I just take smile and then one moment I am sad. Those straight faces that I made marks a vast depression. I need to take things slowly. I need companion. I need someone whom can turn to. I need someone who will be there sit beside me and listen. I wanna see smile on the faces of all I love through them I gain strength. I need someone like YOU. Someone I can turn to. Someone that can put a smile on my face and take all my wearies away.


this maybe a bad aura but I am making up with this.

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