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Define Freedom

Weeks full of stressful days and now those weeks officially ended. Done with article exam and now I’m having my two days day-off (I’m waiting for this moment) I want to rest all day. I want to feel I am worry free human. stress makes me feel imprisoned on my own personality, It gives me so many reasons to give up and reasons to move on. Sometimes I feel so sick and tired. I want to jump into a cliff and be drop dead on any situations.

I need to read. I am not a born crammer but still I am cramming on so many things that I need to do.

I want to define Freedom.
I want to see those city lights. I want to fly. I want to shout my liberty. I want to create pictures in the skies. I want to feel freedom. I want to run from them. I want to go out and paint city walls with colors of freedom and full of heart creations.

I feel so suffocated and my personality has been abducted by time. I am in full of madness. I am wearing chains. I cannot move. I want to gain freedom. I want to feel frenzy.

Paintings. bright colors. daylight. sky. pictures. flowers.

I want to tell you something. tell that I want something to be painted in the wall of mine. Can you see those skies they are so blue. Hold these brushes isn’t it so nice? waving hand creates lines and patterns they comes from freedom.

Lets sleep together under the tree while the sun is overhauling it flares towards the surface of the earth.

Lets run! lets feel the cool breeze of rainy days. Pick flowers and smell it.

Hobby? Stress remover. abstract. Lets draw together and color the sky in different vibrant colors on paint palette. Lets use the sun, leaves, flowers, water and trees to come up with a beautiful life.

lets smile because frowning makes us feel old and older. Lets smile and laugh together with the sound of ocean reach us and like the infinity of universe that is undefined and measured. Lets feel the mystery of life. Lets love life for being sacred and simple.



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