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It’s September!

SeptemberIt’s September! and on the 24th I’ll be turning 20. I’m having mixed emotions, sometimes I am happy while suddenly. I don’t want to be a year older. When I get 20 maybe things will change because I am no longer teen, more expectations and responsibilities.

When I turn 20 I want to explore the world. I want to paint and express my feelings through it. I love the feeling of being surprised though I never experienced it. I just want to be happy on my birthday that’s all I want, I am contented with anything that I will have. I never expect gifts I just want to hear greetings from their hearts.

I admire those people who make videos, flowers and parties as surprises; it makes me wonder. :)

I just want to be happy on my birthday that’s it! For two decades living here on earth I am lucky to have a living like this. To have people who loves me and to God who unconditionally love, care and guide me in my journey. :)

I Love to be me. I Love the people who loves me. I Love everything in this world.

I thank them. I thank them with all my heart.

I love you because you’re reading this. :) Take Care!



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