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Back in September.

Teenage Dream

Going back five years ago when I was fifteen and still innocent about things.

I remember when my brothers and sister are still young and we laugh even in simple things.

I reminisce those times When my cheeks turned red when my ‘crush’ walks infront of me and hear my name called by him and I can’t help to smile when I feel so insanely in-love to a boy and feel broken hearted when I was snubbed and rejected by him. I do feel unrequited love.

Five years ago I feel that I am contented with everything I have.

I want to go back When I still have time with my family and friends and When I see them regularly, sleep with them every night and talks to them while having our dinner.

I wish to feel those things again for I will never go back. I feel young by keeping those happy memories in my heart. I love those people who love me and hates me. I love them because they are the reason why now like this. I thank them for giving me lessons.

Life’s lessons are such a good thing for it molds us in a good way. I never forget to say thank you to the one who loves, guides, protects, and stay beside me, He is –> God.

I know five years ago I am not mature enough like this; I do not have any experience. I know I cannot go back, although I wanted to, I love the life I am having now. I love my family, my boyfriend, my friends and I love who I am.


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