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September 24th

Many people in this world have crossed my life and passes me by. I never thought of you would be one of them. I thank you for giving me such a wonderful message. I thank you because you remember me.

I am living in this world for two decades. Life is full of challenges, some are good while some are bad in a way that both of it gives me lessons that later on I can use.

I remember those times when I am still a kid. they say I will grow such a clever one because I was spoiled by my grandparents but then while growing up I learn how to be a good/bad daughter, a sister, a friend/best friend, a partner, a yaya (for everyone), a simple girl, and an enemy although sometimes I wear my veneer that conceals my heart aches and pedicaments.

I admire my life. I never regret that I never feel how to be a kid and a teen but then I still feel somehow in my own simple ways. I never feel how to be a girl although I am trying to be one. I never wish that people will like the way I think but this is me I know I cannot please everybody.

I THANK YOU because:
You remember me.
You greeted me.
Your simple greeting makes me happy.
You make me laugh.
You let me fly and dream.
You are one of those people who take a part in my life.

for two decades I will say thank you. This is an accomplishment for me because I am still alive in this world and I am lucky to be greeted by you. I Thank YOU!


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