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Everything that falls under October.

Drop everything now! Taylor Swift

Speak Now just came out in the market. Worldwide! (I am smiling)

I foreseen this month will be a full whirlwind of tasks to do in school and at home, grades, I appreciate them but nonetheless, experience is more important.

looking up for last requirements.

A news blog and a forty pages magazine, field reports everyday and never-ending thoughts of news articles to do. I do feel how to be sick and tired and nearly giving up to all the things that I’ve had started but then I never gave up because only loser give up.
Papers and pens
notes to ponder on and little cues to remember while taking written exams on the last week of first semester. oh yes! it’s done! grades are soon to be out (now it’s out — I passed all my subjects except for one incomplete because I lost my examination permit).

Inkblots 2010
Inkblots 2010 is a 3-day workshop organized by The Varsitarian the campus publication of my university (University of Santo Tomas). this 3-day event/workshop made me realize how wonderful to be a writer although there’s no money in writing but it comes from the heart the writer, the inspiration to write and let people know what are the thoughts running through the writer’s mind. I meet different Filipino writers in the mainstream and take notes from their experiences that they told us.
After the 3-day workshop semester break started I sleep and sleep and sleep, I just have realized the beauty of sleep. I Love keeping up with Taylor Swift! :) (I am smiling when I am telling things about her, I get excited!)

Taylor Swift
Her Album Speak Now just came out! and I wanted to have one of her album and I’ll be attending her concert no matter what happen. I just love her, the way she influenced me while going through the road that I have chosen. I love how she loves her fans as she give every single thing about her personal life. her song is her whole personality and it keeps me going and it always make my blue days turned out to be a beautiful one.

“Cause I see Sparks Fly” Taylor Swift.


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