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Individuality and the world

Sometimes we tend to expect so much not realizing how others feel about the matter and sometimes we become selfish with things. We expect more than we do things. Result? It is a major complications and miscommunication and sometimes we get disappointed about things that we never expect to change at all.

Nobody allows somebody to get in their lives if that they did not know. Everything manifest at the end and we realize that we are the murderer of our own selves and we create our own ghosts thus, suffer from depressions and paranoia. Until such time comes that we became insensitive to anything that falls on the ground. We never pick up the pieces at all and let others throw it and take away from us. Time will come that we wake up on our own destiny realizing that everyone has already taken away from us.

Stop ranting. Stop denying that we let ourselves sink in a hole of numbness and selfishness that we only thought is about ourselves because people around us thought us how numb about the world full of dilemmas, adventures and misadventures. Stop crying on one corner of the room, Speak up and let others know what we feel. Let them realize why you got selfish from the other days.

World is nothing without emotions. World is nothing without laughter and cries. World is nothing without happiness and sadness. World is nothing without You and Me, Us.


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