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Two hundred fifty pesos for the second time around.

One incident can make a change and lead to undesirable decisions or even give definite decisions from a dilemma. Tired of thinking with so many things in this world that’s why I thought of something that I have taken seriously for weeks or maybe for months.

Mind bugging and ineffective to me from these past few weeks. I want to carry out so many things but then I need to make decisions and sacrifice thing from one to the other. Now I am deciding together with the situation as far as my mind grasp everything. I will no longer go at the concert of Taylor Swift. I will just finished my obligation to my fellow members at the fan’s club then I will go far away and be off at the community.

I only have one thousand five hundred pesos on my savings and then I need to have a SLR camera for my photography class. I am not happy how fate play with my life so ridiculously. I do not have any decisions that had been right, I am hoping that now it will all be alright.

I just want to be happy. I just want to get my wishes come true but it was all dreams and nothing just get on the right track. I want to have a life. I want light, I want directions and I want to take flight with my dreams but fate pushing me like a gravity that breaks my wings every time I try to fly.

I am happy to see smile on people’s faces and change there lives.

but suddenly, (now) I just thought about myself and how unselfish I am and I am always thinking of others and not mine. In my life there’s only one time I become selfish then when I speak out that I love my best friend.

Now, I am concluding this with this decisions:
first, I am no longer buy tickets for Taylor Swift concert because I cannot afford it. Second, I am going to be happy with it and accept it. Third, I will take it as if there’s no concert of hers next year.


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