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Just one look

December 2010 freaks me out and my Christmas vacation goes weird! Honestly I miss the last time I celebrate this season back in ’09. I did so many things last time but this year? I spend most of my time at home, checking e-mails and discussing things that I never thought that it will become a big headache for me.

Being a fan of Taylor Swift is such an awesome thing. I know its crazy to be a volunteer for her concert here in the Philippines on February 19 ’11. I really admire her but admiring her leads me to do things and aim higher than I thought. I know things gone crazy and being a fan of her is not good for me. I say I am insane, yes I do but what will do? avoid and forget her? and pretend thee is no Taylor Swift at all? I do accept if I am not able to watch her concert. I am losing appetite and I am sounding crazy.

I do really love this year. I learned to feel how to be loved and loved a person also. I learned to see how life beautiful. This year is the time that I turned 20 and decided t explore the world with people who wanted to take a journey with me. Exploring things with people and knowing what I really wanted to be is such an insane stage of my life.

I am currently learning and exploring the pretty side of photography. I am starting to learn things patiently and I want to take pictures of life. I want to take people’s emotions and let people know what life is through pictures but before I can do that I must learn things step by step an at the same time learning to enjoy my life.

I love things that makes me smile, reminisce, laugh, shout, crazy and feel LOVE. This year I am in love with my best friend. Sometimes we argue at things but we talked about it. We dream together and let time flies as we grow up together. I know the road the we are taking together will be rough but I will always remember that I love him no matter what happen I am with him and I will be his girl. I Love him. This year, I’m in-love.

I am facing people, I am facing reality, I am facing rough roads of dilemmas and I’ll be staying strong and let my voice be heard.

Maybe my life is not all about expensive, girly and interesting like others but I am a person who will make my own ways on how people understands me. I know I would not able to please everybody but then I can make my life as how people understand and criticize me on their own knowledge.

And now, I am asking this question unto thy self: why I am easily affected by people and help them out but after a while I always end up alone and those people I thought I can count on are the apathetic ones.


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