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Tossing up all my thoughts with love

Let me count the days since I posted my last entry? months ago? YES! I’ve been busy doing many things. I want to take the challenge “One Post A Week” of WordPress and focus in one topic. Maybe
about my life, my adventures and misadventures, thoughts about the things that goes around me and about my emotions but these things are broad! I need to focus! I need to think about something that is about me and others. I need to write effectively.

Me and my “Best Friend” turned one year last January 01! so happy! I am thankful to have him in my life. I never expect to love my best friend more than a friend. I know things gone crazy last year and I found him with me. We know each other, Yes we are! but still! We discover new things between him and I. I know there is no perfect relationship we gone through minimal challenges and take things seriously.I know that in a relationship we cannot pretend that we really know each other because life is continuous and it’s changing and to be able to fit in it we need to adapt and understand things that had changed.

We’ve been best friend since we are childhood, We said that we knew each other in so many ways. We said that we fit in together but still our relationship isn’t perfect, We fight sometimes, jealousy kills, Family interferes many times (we both know there concerns),School break us apart through distance and sometime we did not see each other. These things really made us together, with these things made us strong. Sometimes we both cry and a lot of time will laugh out loud like little kids on the streets.

Things are changing. Things are really crazy especially when you don’t expect it. less plans are better because you don’t aim things to go perfectly as what is planned. Time and distance made us grow. Challenges made us strong and Memories made us sweet. In reality, We keep on walking in a road. We don’t now what is in the other end but we keep on walking. Sometimes we walk alone but sometimes we walk by twos and a lot of times we walk in faith and love.

There are so many things that I wanted to share. Last year I blogged more than one but now I do not have time to check and post something. I wanted to share what life is all about. I want to share how I view this world for me. I want to share those little colored and black and white pictures that are painted in my mind. I want to share, I want to let others know how I view this crazy world.


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