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The love of writing

I will miss those people (Journalists, Reporters, PNP Chiefs and Drivers) whom I knew/met in Camp Crame, I will miss their morning greetings, watching cartoons rather than news, eating lunch for only 20php and free merienda, reading news clippings and writing two-three news article everyday, last two days of duties.

At first, I was afraid of going along with the news reporters and journalists in the beat where I was assigned. I was like having butterflies in my stomach every minute.

I never expected that time will come I will learn how to smile and greet them every morning and they smile back to me.

For the first time my writings were critiqued by my mentor whom I admire because he taught my personally. He even commented on my works frankly.

Sometimes I feel like I am not in the mood to write a news article but I have to write because it is my job. I’ve realized that the pleasure of writing is somewhat rewarding because I proved to myself that I can relay to public informations that they need to know.

I am happy that in a way I spending my summer vacation productively though it’s tiring.


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