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So, I am done with my 200 hours of duty for my internship but actually it is more than 200 hours because I always over timed at my last internship duties. It was really fun though it’s exhausting to work at the field and office. I intended to attend both office works and fields works so that I can made up my mind in what career I will choose in the near future.

I deserved having these experiences so that I could assess my strengths and weaknesses. I have started since late March and today I am finally done with my internship. Only the evaluation papers are left to be finished by early next week. Oh yeah! I am happy to finish it and have some long sleep at night.

From doing paper works to putting it together and make something from it. The things that I learned from my internship will be all kept and will be used for my further studies.

I will try to smile even if the day is not with me. I will try to laugh even if the day is not with me. I will do my best, as long as I can. I will share my thoughts as long it is dependable. I will let everyone know, what I feel about anything.

I know I have weaknesses and sometimes I cannot help to frown and cry. I always suffers from “mood swings” but just bear with me. I am not a superwoman to smile, laugh or share all my thoughts easily, just give me a time and soon I will speak out.

I will keep in my mind these simple reminders: I will never stop learning. Never stop reading. Be sensitive and stay foot in the ground. Don’t be pressured nor stressed.


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