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Hey there!

Dear WordPress,

You know what? I have a problem and I know you can listen to me. For now let me talk about my feelings. I have so many wishes, I have so many dreams that I have to shape. I want to shape my own individuality, my own future and my own achievements. I am now 20 but people say that I am from high school or whatever sometimes I do appreciate them telling me that I look so young though sometimes I need them to realize that I am older than they had thought. Sometimes I want to think for myself only but on the way I was raised by my parents I need to think about my family too. I know I am bragging about having my own burdens in my life but for once I wanted to say what I feel about things that gone through my mind. I couldn’t kept feelings or emotions specially those feelings that hurts me so bad. I am tired of thinking and sometimes I wish that someone could decide for me even for one day. I know I never talked about something like this before but I appreciate that you listen to me wordpress. I am crying because I am hurt. I am crying because I am tired. I am crying because I feel sick. I am crying because I feel so bad. I rarely talked about serious feelings like this. I am sorry for sharing my sentiments. I just couldn’t help it to hold onto my feelings though you might find this very selfish because I am bragging for my own interests. Am I not allowed to have my own feelings?

I sometimes feel bad about people who doesn’t understand me at all. I am hurt when people don’t care about me then I care about them most. I love them that’s why I feel sad. I feel useless. I feel nothing.

I am thankful to those I know who really loved me. I am thankful that I have them on my side. Thank you WordPress for listening to my sentiments.


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