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Oh Tampon!

Girl Talk: Just So You Know

Lots of women knows what a “tampon” is, though men somehow knows about it too but they never use it because it is for women only. I was browsing a magazine while I am at home and there are usual ads were target markets are women of all ages. I turned pages to pages and see 1 or 3 full-page ads of Playtex and Tampax’ “tampons”. I know women use it when they have a period. So I wonder what it is, what is it looked like and how to use it.

I have searched it through the web and see how was it looked like and how to use it. I have watched a demo video from youtube.com about it and it is so easy.

I don’t know how to explain it but here’s how to use it:

It was like a rolled bandage gauze. using an applicator, women must insert it into their vajayjay and pull the applicator out. If you didn’t get it just watch the demo here.

Oh Tampon!! Now I know what it is! It is an another form of sanitary napkin instead of pads. Soon I will figure out how to use it personally.

“Have a happy period.” :)



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