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Many people in this world looks for something. They often look for love, inspiration, money, fame or revenge. Looking for things that satisfies them to live, isn’t it that is so stressful? Why not tell everybody to shake their body, move step by step and look around and everything will be all right and simple. Never look outside the momentum of life, for life is only borrowed. Live with simple things that can make you happy.

In life there is no other reason but to live; to live life to the fullest give an optimistic mindset that helps people grow more productively. No one in this world born without any mission. Being someone’s happiness is a mission. People chose to live for freedom while someone choose to live for love. You, Why do you want to live?

Living in this world is simple as loving your neighbor. Love creates everything, pure love has no greed. With greed, people choose fame that love or fame than freedom. They were losing the light of the world that God has given to them. So, You? Are you the person who loves money than your neighbor or the person who choose to love in a simple way and sacrifice things?

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