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Logically speaking

I am in love and I am loving him so much.

This was from the past, before we became one. I am aware that he was in a relationship and I do not want to destroy it but there was some twists of our fates.

Logically speaking, If our story was told to you; you will say “you are the reason they broke up”. I know, but behind that logical thing there is something matters most. The feelings that we continue to feel for each other continue to sparks and it doesn’t died out.

We were talking that time; we talked about love life and some feelings that we had from the past years and we were surprised finding ourselves falling in love with each other.

AikaI don’t know how much I love him but I am sure that he is the one that I will marry someday. He is my best friend. My one true love. I am serious having a relationship with him. I know time come we will have challenges in our lives and I am happy to have him by my side. I always dreamed of someone who will love me. I always looked around but I never realized that he was just there standing beside me when I am happy or sad.

I am happy to have Ejay in my life.


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