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What matters most

For a little while I found myself wishing for something. It is something that I could not buy and I could not ask but I can choose to have it however something terrible might happen.

I wish to take a rest, something that I never had for this semester. Continuous struggle every week just to comply with and survive. I believe that survival of the fittest is “in” nowadays. Competing with expectations, time, goal and more. Looking at the best misery of college life is being a graduating student. I know after all these hardships something beautiful might happen.

After graduation another fight to live by, a fight for life, a fight to that will never end. They say, “choose the things that makes you happy”, no matter what happens I will stick with: what makes me happy and I will choose the life that I wanted to be. I know it is not easy to start from scratch but I will do my best and never ever surrender, even if people see me “nothing”. Who the hell are they to criticize me, I know only my mom will always say “you are beautiful” but I want to make her proud of me.

I want to prove something to them that I could make something different. I know I’m not pretty but my heart will always be beautiful towards life.

I wonder why whenever something was finished another one comes along. I wish to have break. Since I was a child I continuously thinking for a solution. I know that’s life but why my life never come to a point that I could sit for while, breathe freely, pick flowers, run and run and run, laugh out loud, smile the whole day and sleep on time without thinking of tomorrow’s tasks that’s need to be accomplished.

I know I need to take life less serious. Why do I need to bother with life. Life is something so short to take problems seriously, I would die early if I brag something to myself that I would not able to do. I need to take life less serious or else I will never enjoy the life that was given to me.


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