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Diffusion of minds

A lot today seem so fast, days, time, growing up and even life, we never know what comes after and what we have done before, until we realize it was too late to change and go back.

I am talking with my blog, I couldn’t post any blog posts since we started to write our research paper (Thesis). I’ve realized that there’s a lot to do but the time seems so fast.

I sleep at dawn and woke up at noon, it’s tiring and I want a proper disposition and make everything in a right course of time.

My mind seems to bow-up when I realized that everything changed so fast and it is so difficult to control it, The only thing that I need to do is to run. Run as fast as I could to make time for everything.

I don’t know what will happened after school, It was like a blind side of my future because it is another chapter of my life that I should take no matter what. I should make my own plans and make my own dreams. I should make my life easier than what I had before. I just want happiness. With a simple job and simple life, at least I am living but I will never change the way I dream and the way I want to reach my goals. I will not stop soaring higher. Higher than what people thought about me.

I want to go to Paris, France, Rome, Itsly, Florence, Italy and many more. I want to make time for everything for it seems life is so short to fool around and waste time.

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