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I am a proud Thomasian, indeed! For 400 years and counting more years of its existence, I have witnessed University of Santo Tomas’ (UST) brilliant courage.

I may not be present when it was founded but I am present to see how strong it was when storms and darkness that tried them to put in an oblivion.

I always Imagine that UST especially the Main Building was like Hogwarts in Harry Potter Series because whenever I see the Tria Haec, I raise my hand then wave and say the words, “Piertotum Locomotor”, then I am ridiculously smiling alone imagining that the statues will moved and protect the Main building against to any entruder. Ha! Ha! That was funny to think how someone would relate things to anything! there were certain things I am amazed about my alma mater. it was just amazing because it was old and it’s still existing. I am happy to tell stories to people I will met that I am proud with UST despite it’s controversies.

Recently, UST had this event called “Velada Tomasina”, where it brought back the scenes and traditions of UST in 1800’s. Some people say, “It was a biggest cosplay in the country”, some said, “it was like a giant tableau”, but for me, it was awesome to feel, to wear, to look, to act and to play like I am in 1800’s.

There is nothing more to say than to say, I am thankful that I am part of the 400th and 401th year of UST. In every corner of the classroom at UST I was molded even more faithful to the Lord. There were many things I have learned in UST and I grow more and further know myself. the diploma that I will get on March was just a part of it but the huge part of UST in me was when she molded “ME”, as a person who would dare to talk in the void of strangers, shout out loud when I feel something that I should say, in short, I became more outspoken and more faithful to God.

From what I was when I’ve entered my alma mater up to what I am now today, I would say that I am different from now and then. There were changes, development and progress. I feel how to be ignored, bashed, belittled, adored, victory, defeat and more, from there I become stronger that what I used to be.

I am not afraid of what I will become after college because I believed that life is a continuous progress and development and there will be changes in any of my dreams but the values will still remain.

I am just a proud Thomasian who sometime bashed UST for its flaws yet I am still with her, staying to learn from her.

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