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New hair cut and color and Revlon ColorSilk Luminista review

Yesterday, Me and my grade school best friend had a hair bonding. I had my hair cut then later we dyed it with Revlon’s Luminista: Medium Blonde 175 hair color. It is really fun to color our hair because it is my first time to color my hair and it is blonde!!

We thought about having an ash brown color of our hair since we have a naturally black hair. It turned out that I have a golden brown hair! :) my first time in hair coloring was slightly good enough. My boyfriend liked it though I know it is pretty unusual to see me having different hair color.

Everyone astounded with my new hair. I am pretty much confident to carry it on than to cry underneath my pillows and say, “I want my old hair color back!!!!”.

Revlon ColorSilk Luminista

Revlon’s ColorSilk: Luminista review:

Revlon’s hair color treatment was nice. It smells good unlike the other hair treatments in the salons which have stinky smells. It is easy to use and it could cover short and medium length hair and maybe those who have long hair 1 1/2 to 2 packages can cover the hair. For those who have short hair since the color solution is for single use, it is good for two persons who have both short hairs. ColorSilk Luminista is a good to try. :)

Package content:
Medium Blonde
Applicator with color powder | Revlon Color Silk Luminista solution | Gloves and instructions sheet



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