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Continental and Archaeological Culture in the Philippines

In every community there are some culture that you may like or not. Some people like it because they get used to it but the others did not because they know they are not like them or it is not the culture that he/she was born.

In a third world country (developing country/ Philippines), In an ordinary community, that middle families belongs. Gossips or rumors always came up. Sad but it is true. Hearing bad and rude words from people to people; accusing each other’s mistakes while they do the same. Immorality sometimes takes place and community issues are just as usual as it is.

A matter of culture.

Seeing bystanders along the streets while doing their own businesses like, gossiping and backstabbing each other’s backs, looking for louse while seated in a staircase, drinking liquors at night hearing funny and really idealist and intriguing thoughts of a drunk person or maybe hearing a loud noise from a fight of these drunk people, eating deliciously cooked street foods and listening for a latest gossip in town. A culture that you can see in the Philippines. It is way too happy and too humorous to just sit in one corner and observing the culture. Sometimes, the feeling of being outcast in one culture is a way of determining or classifying one culture to another.

A Filipino

The culture of Filipino people are a loving culture and it could adapt to any situation and could recover to any disaster. Filipinos have a spirit that never dies, when get hurt and rollover the hill, Filipinos will again stand-up and walk again. Filipinos sometimes cry and get hurt but they surely smile many times than to frown and get mad.

Foolish smiles in Filipino politics

The reason politicians fool Filipinos, they deceive and those Filipinos who trust have a hope to hang on to and say, “Maybe, he is the person we need.” and then it will end up, “I wish I never voted him/her”.

Oh well, on 2013, election season and politicians were busy digging up roads and dikes to gain more funds. I wish Filipinos will choose a better political leader who sometimes do partly honest and corrupt things than those who were eaten by greed.

Because, it becomes a trend and it becomes a usual thing and Maybe it becomes a strong CULTURE that can hardly to bend; but when a person decided to change the world and everyone do the same, it will surely change the CULTURE.


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