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Owning a signature and knowing how to Photoshop things

A few days ago, I’ve decided to learn something practical to know. It is something that I never learned in my four-year college course because I am not a media artist or an IT to learn Photoshoping and other Adobe stuffs in class.

I attempted to learn how to manage things in Photoshop (PS) but I never get serious to learn because I am not focused learning the craft but now, since I have nothing to do, I’ve decided to work on it and I am happy learning a new craft that can be added in my skills.

Little crafts; extra learning

I am serious about learning the stuff. First, I asked Ejay (my boyfriend) on how to do some basic things in PS and other shortcuts. My first thought about it was, “Oh my! this stuff is so hard!”, but now, all I can say is, “Messing up a photo and discovering and learning new things were fun”. So I better try to learn more than to waste my time doing nothing here at home.

I am inspired to do some typographies and upload it in my Tumblr accounts: imwonderstrucked.tumblr.com and dailydoseof-taylorswift.tumblr.com

Oh, about my signature!

Here it is,

personal sign

It is my first and my last name. I did this on my own in PS and I have learned that I can use this in any of my projects or put this in any media that I will do.

I will really use this signature, for future purposes and the hell I am proud of this! :)

Trivia : the font that I use is quite beautiful than my handwriting though it is somehow similar to my real signature but then again this is only for my online and copyright stuffs. :)


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