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Ed Sheeran, Ron Weasley, Taylor Swift, Foster the People and some music videos

I think I am missing something here.

10 points for Gryffindor! :D

My first thought about Ed Sheeran while watching his music video of “Lego House”: Oh God! I never thought that Ron (Rupert Grint) can sing!!! and then I wait for the music end and then I found out that the name of that person(ed sheeran) is not Rupert Grint!!

OMG! How is that possible?! It’s Ron!! O.O
Is he have a twin brother or something?!

So I am shocked by then and get used to the song and start to love it and so I played it for several times. At first I am really thinking that Ed Sheeran is the person singing and I am also convinced that Ron Weasley is the person singing and then finally I googled it and found out that Sheeran was the person who lastly appeared on the music video and he looked like Ron! I am surprised and happy.

You can watch it here:

And by the way, for the past weeks Sheeran and Taylor Swift are together because they were writing and recording new songs for Taylor’s new album. I could not wait to here new songs from Taylor but releasing a new album would mean releasing another headlining tour and I need to save money for that event.

Speaking of collaborations, recently Mark Foster of Foster the People tweeted that Taylor and him wrote songs together for her album also. So, it seems like Taylor is having fun doing collaborations and co-writing song from famous/ popular artist at present.

“We actually wrote a song that day. It’s a really cool song. We kind of just went into it casually, like, ‘Yeah, let’s just jam, let’s just have fun and something really cool came out of it. We’ll see what happens with it. She’s been writing a lot for her next record, but yeah — it was a lot of fun working with her. She’s super talented.”, Foster said.

Scott Brochetta, Taylor’s manager tweeted that Taylor will release her new album late October. Like Speak Now, which she released October 25, 2010.

Yeah! Taylor did a lot of it! From Civil Wars to B.o.B and she’s looking amazing in every video she did. recently, she is on “Both of Us” music video set with B.o.B and it looks like it is a great one.


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