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We’ll have it soon

Maybe not now, maybe later. We don’t know when things will come but we are sure it will come in a right time and place.

We know that everything happens for a reason but that reason will not happen if we do not make choices or decisions. We are not bound to be stagnant persons but we are here to do productive things. Making life, making friends, making money or even the least is to make love (human production).

“We’ll have it soon”
We’ll have some money to buy things that we want.
We’ll have time to spend at the casino and some money to waste
We’ll get marry soon and have family
And we’ll have anything that we aim and wanted soon.
We’ll get there soon; strive for the better and strive for the best. Be patient and keep you aim locked!

We are not alone in this world like when someone needs help friends come over. Living in a misery world composed of anxieties, wearies, greed and selfishness, we have to look for at least one person that we can trust or we can depend on. It could be our parents, brother, sister, neighbor, high school teacher, best friend, enemy, boyfriend/girlfriend or even strangers. What is important is to build trust, love, and kindness.

In this world, everything will change. We could not stop it or it will not stop just to please us. We have to make decisions or choices that affects our paths on the threshold of future.

Just be happy. Don’t take life too serious though sometimes we cannot find what we really our because we had a lot of fun and forget what we will supposed to do. We get drowned by time and by the moment we stop we have much less time to spend to straighten our lives.

By means of breathing and moving, we have to move forward because life goes on and on and on.


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