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5 things students do with their uniform and some…

Students who wear school uniforms everyday and feels so sick and tired wearing it like it was a lifetime obligation though it is only while schooling. Every students can relate with this problem.

Some do not want uniform change while some wanted to or even some of them do not want to wear uniform at all while some wanted to have uniform because they do not have enough clothes to wear in school and have a new outfit look every school days.

5 things what students do in their uniforms

1. They alter the required length of the skirt (girls) | Altering the required cut of the pants (boys)

2. Putting other accessories (beads, sequence, patches)

3. Students customize it. (polo / blouse)

4. Adding some “in” clothes (jackets  / socks / shoes)

5. Wearing different color of shoes, socks, skirts and others.

School uniform misadventures

When I was in college my uniform really sucks. It is! Everyday, upon travelling to school, there is someone will ask me if what year I am in high school and if I am a public school student.

My usual reply to them and smile, “Do I really like a high school student? Maybe because of my height and uniform. I am a fourth year college student in UST (University of Santo Tomas)”.

Right after I said those phrases, their eyes widened and laugh and say, “REALLY?! I thought you are only a high school student.”

Oh well, just look at this photo of me:

An old-fashioned uniform

While others schools / colleges / universities change uniforms to fit a new trend in school fashion and to flexibility of the uniform in or out of the campus. Old fashioned uniforms really sucks for others especially for those students who wanted to go out wearing nice and neat uniform tagging along the school name.

When I was in UST, the clamor for uniform change is so loud but the department do not want to change the traditional uniform because there is a “meaning” of what we are wearing for a reason.

I discovered that AB (Liberal Arts Department) uniform in UST was designed way back in 70s, 80’s, 90’s or even older.

Just take a look at this picture.

The evolution of AB uniform in UST

Uniforms is a universal identity

Wearing a uniform can put a person in a class or type which helps the people or the society to keep up things as they are and maybe maintain Karl Marx’s “class struggle”, where there is a proletariat and aristocrat.

Uniforms can help us determine who we are and what status we belong to.


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