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Hey I got these awesome badges from WordPress!: A million thanks!

I just got some exciting badges here on WordPress! At first I receive a notification that I got 5 likes, well, I am happy about it. Until, I reached 65 posts then 70 posts. My 70th post was my past post about student uniforms. :)

Just look at this badge I got,

Wordpress badge

Thank you!

The other notification I got is “the best day for likes”. I am so happy about it because I am thankful to all the people who spend their time to read my blog posts.

wordpress badge

wordpress badge

All I can do is to THANK all of  them; and to those bloggers who followed my blog THANK YOU! and especially to my READERS who spend there five minutes sitting in front of their computer and read my latest blog post/s.

I could not put into words what I feel at this moment. I am just really thankful and happy that there are people who appreciates what I write.

Writing is a tough job

Every writers whether they are Journalist, Essayist, Blogger, Scholar/ Researcher, Novelist, etc. struggles in the first wave of their lives being a writer. Discovering their own style and voice are tougher than to gain readers.

To be a writer, first, you have read a lot of things. Second, know about what I/you/we/they write. Third, I/you/we/they have a strong writing style and understandable language of writing.


In my experience as a young writer/blogger/ Journalism fresh graduate, I’ve been in my darkest hours in my college because my professors always say that I could write well.

“Please tell me, Do you think I am able to write?”

I take it as a serious matter. An aspiring Journalist/ Writer cannot write? That is not acceptable.  So, I read my own, figures of speech, grammar books, novels and other stuffs that could help me to develop further my writing skills.

I read grammar books and then I write as a practice. So, please do tell me, Can I write?


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