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Kids always hear from the older ones this line,

“when we were kids we used to go fishing, gardening, wash our own clothes, eat vegetables sometimes no meat”

and even this phrase,

“We don’t have computers that is why we spend our time outside doing sports. Back then we courtship was hard then now? it is just text away then you have a girl/boy right away”.

In late 80’s children wants to play outside with the native sports and make friends as in a real interaction. They even got bruises while they play and while practicing on how to ride a bike, skateboard or even roller blades.

In adolescence stage, they have a crush on a cheer leader a band geek or a math and science genius secretly and asking a prom date was too formal. Courtship was too serious and everyone court the girl at home. So that they get to know the parents and the other family members.


Kids today,

There are relevant advantages of having computers but a bothering part for building childhood memories.  They were exposed to modern technology like, computers, cellular phones, touch pads, and other kinds of machinery. They got to play inside their home alone and make fun time alone. Computer games make children feel happy even without friends.

They don’t bother if they did not go outside and play some sports that sometimes can lead to obesity and weakening of the body because they lack of physical exercises.

Social Networking sites, cannot prove that they are popular because they have many friends and followers. Bullying moved to a second stage, “Cyber Bullying”. For parents, It is pretty bothering when their child was bullied in the web because they feel expose to everyone but then sometimes their are really good things in the net but dominated by the not-so good stuffs.

In their adolescence stage they act like an adult people, courting were just few texts ways to make the girl say, “yes”. Hooking-up and meeting at the bars at night. Getting in a relationship without any hesitation. breaking-up was so easy.

Only advice?

Make our children play and capture pictures from their mind with a nice and simple childhood. Make them a God-fearing child. Don’t control them too much but do ground them with examples from others and make them realize if it is good or bad. Through that you may have save your child from losing their childhood even if they were so grown-up.

Tell me if you agree. It’s my pleasure to hear your side. :)


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